Music To Bake Bread – A MWR Collection Benefit for Covid-19 Relief


We have been working on a compilation to help donate to PPE for hospitals, restaurant / migrant workers, & local MA venues. Today we are able to share this with y’all. If you have some spare dollars laying around we are only asking for a min of $5 for 16 unreleased tracks! We are also offering a limited physical tape for $10. Hope these tunes can help with your quarantine! Open up those windows and crank this puppy up.


A1. J. Croteau – Jaws
A2. Glue Horse – R Complex
A3. Twin Foxes – The Burden
A4. Nanny – Friday, bb
A5. Sorespot – Crockpot
A6. Happy Just To See You – Early Riser
A7. Rong – Interesting
A8. Kal Marks – Born Again

B1. Lady Bones – Centerfold
B2. Sam Johnson – Road Salt
B3. Fucko – Noctambulism (Demo)
B4. Idiot Genes – Mr. Bidet (Drinks His Own Pee)
B5. Blue Ray – Elevator Guy
B6. Fred Cracklin – Dragon Jr
B7. Sneeze – Sleep Breath (Q Division Mix)
B8. Greed Island – Old Snooze