Everyone might be asking what we’ve been up to in 2014 with no releases and little news…
But let me tell you, we’ve been curating our 2014 Summer and Fall releases and they’re looking tight so far!

We’re excited to announce a repress of everyone’s favorite Doom/Sludge/heavy-as-fuck band FORN and their self titled EP. The first press, made of recycled cardboard double slide sleeves and hand spray painted, printed and stamped sold out fast! The second quick-press, ready for the fellas to perform a last minute ritual were a little more simple with offset printed double sleeves and card stock fold out sold even faster!
This newest repress will be heavy, a unique metal format, packed full of great limited goodies and professionally duplicated. Stay tuned for a sneak peek! We will be taking pre-orders for this bad boy soon!

Big Mess also has a killer 12″ coming out this summer! The band has kept the album title on the down-low and Chris has been slaving over the artwork for a few months now. This album is going to be a thing of beauty once it hits our shelves! Keep checking back for a sneak peek on both the album and the artwork!

And if you press your ear to the ground, you might be hearin’ some news coming soon about possible Chandeliers, Chalk Talk, Lady Bones and Flat Swamp releases too!

‘Till then, stay high and relax. It’s almost summer.