Sorespot “Gifts Of Consciousness” Stream / Pre-order Today

MWR is proud to announce that we will be releasing  “Gifts Of Consciousness”  from Chicago based band Sorespot. This will be pressed on classic black vinyl and hand numbered out of 300. Split release with Legitimate Business Tapes.

Pre-Order Here
Full Stream on Scene Point Blank
Stream “Meet You” On Idioteq Here
Stream “The Jams” On Post-Trash Here


Fred Cracklin “Anxiety Kinship” LP Pre-Order & Stream

Pre-order Here
Stream on Scene Point Blank

Fake Rays & Greed Island Split Cassette
Out Now!



Elizabeth Colour Wheel – Nocebo // Out Today

Elizabeth Colour Wheel – Nocebo // Out Today // Limited Edition Cassette // One Pressing Only
Order Here
Or grab one from them on their upcoming west coast tour
Smoke tape with pink imprint hand wrapped with painted black strip / wax seal of either, copper, rose, or burgundy wax / 1 coyote tooth which hangs in front / alternative artwork by Suz (@hellpix) /hand numbered out of 100.


Midnight Werewolf Records is proud to announce our next project Elizabeth Colour Wheel “Queen Tired” EP. Tapes  will be limited to 100, hand cut packaging, printed white hi-grade cobalt tapes.
Tentative release date is 05/04/18.

Pre-Order Here
Full stream now on Allston Pudding or stream below

Catch them on their upcoming tour w/ Forn

Limousine Announcement

Midnight Werewolf Records is proud to announce Limousine will be joining the family. Limousine is the upcoming solo project from the great Cam Moretti himself  (do I even need to list creds).  MWR will be producing a limited run on cassettes. View the beautifully obscure video below and keep checking back for updates.